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Thank you for expressing interest to be an organising team member in the upcoming

NUS Global Citizen Conference - organised by the NUSSU Global Relations Unit (NUSSU GRU), supported by the NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

We will get back to you to schedule an interview once we finish reviewing your application to be in the organising team.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Students' Union Global Relations Unit (NUSSU GRU), supported by the NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA), is organising the inaugural NUS Global Citizen Conference (NGCC) – a 5-day conference held at NUS with the aim of cultivating a Global Citizen mindset in today's youth. Our theme this year is Social Inclusion and it will involve stakeholders from Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), Social Entrepreneurs, Specialists, and Academic speakers. 
When:  30th June – 4th July 2017
Where: National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore [more details to be released later]

Important Dates:  
17th & 18th June: Dry Run 
24th June: Training and Final Briefing 
27th & 28th June: Logistics preparation
29th June: Final preparation and overnight stay 
30th June- 4th July: Actual conference 

Note: From 29th June to 4th July (6D, 5N) all organising members will be staying on campus (accommodation and food will be free) 

1.     Be part of the pioneering batch in a long series of Conferences
2.     Contribute to the wisdom of the collective – inspire change to happen
3.     Be a voice in the global conversation
4.     Gain exposure and insight from peers as well as industry insiders
5.     Immerse in the diverse perspectives while being critical of pressing social issues
6.     Chance to network
7.     Form lasting local and international friendships

About GRU

The Global Relations Unit (GRU) is a student volunteer unit and part of the NUS Students’ Union. GRU aims to increase NUS’s global recognition by hosting international university students to NUS. The hosting events can range from a one-day visit to NUS or a 5-day programme such as an international Conference. GRU exists as a bridge between NUS students and the global community while providing students an opportunity to make international friends as well as broaden their horizons through interactions and networking. GRU also functions as a platform to bring students overseas and our members to represent NUS at international conferences.

About the Conference
With an increasingly integrated and interconnected world, there is an urgent need for people to exercise more individual agency to resolve the multifaceted issues of the global community today. In order to cultivate a global mindset, it is critical to expose today’s youth to the cultures and social challenges faced by different communities. To achieve this goal, the proposed 5-day NUS Global Citizen Conference with a theme of Social Inclusion is NUSSU GRU’s platform.

Participants are expected to come from NUS and international universities from around the region. Programme will include understanding the complexities and the challenges of 5 key global social inclusion issues- Migrant Worker Rights, Refugees, Mental Health, Gender Equality and Poverty Inequality

Our goal is that through discourse as well as the sharing of ideas and best practices, acceptance and better understanding will follow. Not only will participants gain an increased awareness of common global social issues but there will also be opportunities available for youths to enact change through shared ideas and solutions.

Various stakeholders of such social issues, like NGOs and speakers, will be invited to provide insights and facilitate discussion as well as learning. One of the outcomes we hope to achieve is that through the discussions, crowdsourcing of ideas and the fresh perspectives from the student participants, implementable solutions that have a lasting impact will result. 

WEBSITE: nusgcc.com 

Indicate your attendance on and SHARE our Facebook event page: http://tinyurl.com/NGCCfacebook/

To keep up to date with either the Conference or our other initiatives,
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Personal Details

Would you be available for the entirety of the Conference and stay on campus from the 29th June 2017 - 4th July 2017?

Will you be able to make it for the other important dates (18th June, 24th June)? 

Tell Us More

If you have relevant skills, knowledge, and/or experience that you think would contribute meaningfully to the Conference, then we want you!

We are looking for the following roles: 
1) Facilitators 

We are going to have 150 participants, who will be divided into 15 groups of 10. There are 5 conference topics, and 3 groups will be working on 1 topic. You will be a facilitator for one group and help in directing them for their topic. (You can choose which topic you want!). 
Detailed job scope:  
- Being an OGL for one group at the conference.

- Facilitate discussions within the group to ensure the discussions are going in the right direction and are productive. 
- Work closely with NGOs to help in forming the program and aligning the discussion objectives with the NGOs. 
- You will also help out with making an interesting study guide for the participants who will be doing your topic. 

2) Opening Ceremony I/C
We have already planned the programme for the ceremony and invited all the relevant guests. Your duties would thus include: 
- Forming the detailed Sequence of Events for the ceremony 
- Preparing the logistic list for the ceremony 
- Deciding on manpower allocation for the ceremony 

3) Closing Ceremony I/C 
The progress and duties are the same as for opening ceremony. 



Do note that your personal details will be kept strictly confidential. Should you wish to withdraw your interest, kindly notify us by sending an email to globalrelations@nussu.org.sg. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 3 working days.

Also, should you have any further queries, please email us at globalrelations@nussu.org.sg.

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