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If you have been nominated by your home university for the TFI LEaRN Programme @ NUS 2018, please complete this online application by Friday, 13 April 2018, 23:59 (Singapore time). At any of the application pages, you can click Save and a unique link will be given to you - please keep this link confidential (as it contains your responses) and use it to edit your application form at any time prior to the deadline and before submitting the form. Once you click Submit, no changes to the form are allowed. Please remember to click "Submit" at the last screen of this application form once it is ready to ensure that your application is received by NUS.

In addition to the online application, please check with your university coordinator on their actual deadline for submission of your TFI LEaRN supporting documents, as they will be required to submit these to NUS by the same deadline of Friday, 13 April 2018. Any applications received by NUS after the stipulated deadlines and not through the university coordinator will not be considered. The supporting documents required are:

- Copy of passport
- Latest transcript from the home university
- Documentary evidence of academic awards
- Documentary evidence of community service activities
- Documentary evidence of leadership activities
- Two letters of recommendation by character referees (from professional/academic/extra-curricular background)
- If applicable, copy of TOEFL/IELTS/certified English language test by the home university - for applicants who are from non-English medium universities


In addition to this application, you are also required to complete the NUS Non-graduating Exchange Programme application form at between 21 March and 15 April 2018. This form is required in order for us to process your application to study at NUS for one semester. If this form is not completed, then your TFI LEaRN Programme application will automatically NOT be considered.

Summary of deadlines:

Before Friday, 13 Apr (please check with your university coordinator for the actual deadline): Submission of TFI LEaRN supporting documents to your university coordinators.

Friday, 13 Apr:
- Submission of (this) TFI LEaRN online application by students
- Submission of TFI LEaRN supporting documents by your university coordinators to NUS

Between 21 Mar and 15 Apr: Non-graduating Exchange programme application form by students at

For more information about TFI LEaRN Programme @ NUS, please visit the website:

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