NUS Programming Methodologies Self-Diagnostic Assessment


This online survey is meant as a self-diagnostic assessment of your exposure and mastery of basic computing methodologies to help you determine whether your programming competency is sufficient for exempting the NUS School of Computing's introductory programming module.  As a default, certain local polytechnic diploma coursework will have exposed their students to basic programming competencies and are thus automatically exempted from our introductory level course.  Incoming students from other polytechnic diplomas, from junior colleges or from other per-tertiary programmes (ITEs, International Baccalaureates) are not granted such exemptions.  However, such students can apply to take our placement test, that, if passed, will  exempt them from the coursework.

This self-diagnostic thus serves two purposes for prospective students:
  • For polytechnic students who enjoy the automatic exemption, whether they would prefer to revoke the exemption and opt to take the introductory level course;
  • For other students who may have sufficient mastery, to assess whether they would like to take the placement test, and if passing, to exempt themselves from the introductory coursework.

Your results for this survey will not be used in any personally identifiable way.  It does not have any bearing on prospective applications or admissions to the School.  You may take this survey as many times as you wish.

This test should take about 45 minutes to an hour, self-timed.  This survey is organised as a language-agnostic core set of questions taking approximately 25 minutes, and optional language-specific set of questions on Java, Javascript, Python, and C, each taking about 15-30 minutes of time.  We recommend that you finish the core part, and continue with any language-specific section for a language that you are familiar with.

Our questions are all static and the answers to all of the questions will be offered as a download at the end of the survey.  For this reason, we urge you to take this self-diagnostic test as an actual mock test, only after you have sufficient preparation.

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