NUS Grant Writing Course 2018 - Expression of Interest

Points to note:

(a) Expressions of interest (EOI) to attend the course are due by 27 April 2018.

(b) Please note that there are limited places available. EOI outcome notifications will be sent via email by 30 April 2018 with more details about the course.

(c) Applications can be either individual or team-based [e.g. collaborators from the same Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) or from different IHLs].

(d) For team-based applications, only one submission is required for each project study. The submission should only contain details of team members who wish to attend the course. 

Please contact Ms Doreen Thia ( for enquiries about the course.


* denotes mandatory fields

Section 1:

Particulars of Applicant No. 1
For team-based applications, please fill in details of other members who wish to attend the course here.

Particulars of Applicant No. 2
Particulars of Applicant No. 3
If there are more than 3 project team members who wish to attend the course, please provide details of additional member(s) here. 

Full name
Preferred name (for addressing)
Staff ID (for NUS staff only)
Email address
Faculty (for NUS staff only)
Department (for NUS staff only)

Character limit: 1900.

Section 2: Project title *
Section 3: Purpose and goals of attending the course - optional

A brief statement (max 650 characters) about the following:
(a) why the applicant(s) want(s) to participate in this course, and
(b) what goals the applicant(s) aim(s) to achieve through this project.

Character limit: 650.

Section 4: Project outline *

Project outline, including the relevance of project in relation to educational research, problem statement and context of project (max 1,900 characters). 

Character limit: 1900.

100% Complete

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