By submitting this form, I consent to my personal data being collected, used and disclosed (including to other NUS departments or to third parties in or outside of Singapore) for the following purposes in compliance with the PDPA.

1.   Managing your registration & participation in this NUS-ISS initiative / event, including any communication related to your participation.
2.   Ensuring that the organisers, speakers/instructors and other partners understand your background, interests & objectives for participating in this initiative and event.
4.   Performing summary market, demographic or trend analysis/survey for research and marketing strategy purposes.
5.   Maintenance and upkeep of records.
6.   Processing financial transactions (if any) including fee support from third parties.
7.   Using visual images, photographs and/or videos captured during your participation in this NUS-ISS initiative / event in various materials including educational & marketing materials, NUS publications & social media pages and shared with third parties.
For withdrawal of consent for the above, please email to ISS Marketing.
For other details of NUS PDPA, please refer here.

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