Team Registration FormTeams can have between 1-4 team members. 

Team Registration Form

Teams can have between 1-4 team members.

Team member #1 Team member #1
Team member #2 Team member #2
Team member #3 Team member #3
Team member #4 Team member #4

By submitting this registration form, I consent to my personal data being collected, used and disclosed (including with other NUS departments or with third parties in and outside of Singapore) for the following purposes in compliance with the PDPA 2012.
1.   Managing your registration and participation, including any communication relating to the event.
2.   Ensuring that the event's speaker and other partners understand your background, interests and objectives for attending.

Participants should be aware that NUS, others on behalf of NUS and third parties may be taking photographs and videos during this event. NUS may use such photos in marketing materials, NUS publications or NUS' social media pages, we may identify attendees by name in such media and/or share these with third parties.

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