Arts Night 2019: Re(Dis)cover 

Thank you for your interest in Arts Night 2019! 
The purpose of this survey is to collect the pre-orders for the following items related to Arts Night 2019, which will be conducted on 22nd February 2019 at Gateway Theatre:
(1) Tickets
(2) Self-designed postcards
(3) Flowers for performers
(4) RC4rtsy’s handmade crafts

The website link to our postcard designs and flowers is here:

Payment/collection details of the above-mentioned items can be found in the next page of this online survey form.
1. Please note that the data collected in this survey will be used only for Arts Night 2019
2. The collected data will only be used by authorized members of organizing committee and college office
3. The collected information shall be deleted by the organizing committee after the event is over, except for the information that is required by the College Official for  official purposes, where applicable

If you have any queries on the survey or Arts Night, feel free to contact
(1) Tan Ai at 9827 8366; email
(2) Ericka at 8821 8352; email

Additionally, if you have any concerns related to the event please write to College Master or any of the other two contacts from the college office:
(1) Prof Laksh, College Master, RC4, (Email:;
(2) Dr. Naviyn, Director of Student Life, RC4, (Email:;
(3) Mr. Tan You Cheng, Manager, RC4 (Email:

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