Chemical Engineering Freshman Orientation Camp 2018 - Intrepidus 2018 

Please provide the requested information by completing this form if you wish to join NUS Chemical Engineering Freshman Orientation Camp 2018 - Intrepidus 2018. Your data as provided in this form will be used and disclosed for the following purposes: Receive publicity material, updates and important announcement email, phone and SMS from the NUS Students' Engineering Club - EnginCamp Committee. The information will also be used to ensure the safety and well-being of the participants. Please do be reminded you MUST have already accepted the admission offer into NUS.

All personal information will be kept confidential and used for the purpose(s) stated only.

Thank you for wanting to sign up for the Chemical Engineering Freshman Orientation Camp 2018 - Intrepidus 2018. Please fill up this form carefully and we will process the forms and send a confirmation email some time after the deadline. Ask your friends who will also be joining the same major as well! We have limited slots so please do sign up fast. Please sign up by 17 June 2018 2359hrs. See you all at intrepidus 2018. Meanwhile check us out at our Instagram page for more updates: @chesscamp2018 
If you have any queries please contact the following people:
Karthigesan - Project director ChESS camp 2018: 94507024
Claire Yap - Secretary ChESS camp 2018: 83881288

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