Hello Fellow Captain!

Thank you for expressing your interest in the Unafraid Project. The Unafraid Project is steered by four friends Shadman, Hui Yi, Jing Yi and Cheryl. In our experience having stayed 2 full years in CAPT, we have found ourselves to be living in an environment that is afraid to talk about hot-button, potentially divisive issues - perhaps most prominent of which is religiosity in the college. Instead, we turn to social circles whom we know would share the same opinions as us and, as such, the conversation remains confined to that bubble. In order to break that cycle and understand other parties better, we propose this dialogue as a space for CAPTains to openly talk about different topics that affect us as a community living together. While we intend to springboard from the topic of faith, we would also welcome topics that deemed necessary and worthy of discussion. Through these conversations, we aim to broaden our perspectives and embrace different opinions. Our ultimate goal is not to advance a certain agenda or way of thinking, but to expose CAPTains to the diversity of thought that exists within the college and for them to show due diligence to such when acting for the betterment of CAPT. 

The Unafraid Project will be held over 3 consecutive weeks (Week 9, 10 and 11), every Thursday night from 8.30pm - 10.30pm. Even though you are encouraged to come for all 3 sessions, we understand that many of you are busy bees and if you are only able to drop by for a single session we welcome you too!! :)

Session 1 (18th October 2018)
Topic: Secularism in CAPT

Session 2 (25th October 2018)
Topic: Spaces of CAPTains

Session 3 (1st November 2018)
Topic: To be decided by you!!

We want to create a safe space for CAPTains to discuss difficult matters without implication of guilt or threat. By tpuching upon the CAPT identity, we hope to give CAPTains the space to understand other CAPTains better. Most importantly, we hope to foster a spirit of open, civil conversation in CAPT that will continue beyond this event. Do you think you are ready? Come with us on this journey of self-discovery as we speak to others!

If you are undecided,
Please feel free to contact either of us so that we can tell you more about what you may be potentially missing out on! :)
Shadman (93897636)
Cheryl (92968518)
Hui Yi (91550755)
Jing Yi (94570123)

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