LSM4263 Field Studies of Biodiversity Student Registration

Dear students,

Registration is now open for LSM4263 - Field Studies in Biodiversity!

This 4MC-module will be conducted in Semester IV, AY2017/2018. The module duration is from 25 June 2018 Monday, to 27 July 2018 Friday.
A more detailed timetable will be made available later. More information about the module here:

To qualify, students should be:
- LSM majors specializing in Environmental Biology (EVB), OR from the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) programme
- continuing into their Honors year in AY2018/2019
- possess a CAP of 3.2 or above
- willing to cover part of the module cost (amounting to less than S$410)
The field trip to Pulau Tioman is scheduled to be from 12 July 2018 Thu, to 18 July 2018 Wed. 
Local accommodation will be at Paya Beach Resort (

Local student enrolment is limited to a maximum of 30 students, and priority will be given to students with LSM2251 Ecology and the Environment, or other relevant experience.
To register, please complete the form below. The signup link is
Registration ends o
n 06 Jun 2018 (Wed), 6:00 pm. 
Accepted student applicants will be notified by email.

Full name as stated on your MATRICULATION CARD
Full Matriculation Number:
Mobile number:
Student E-mail address ( 

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