NUS Investment Society Human Resource Department Application Form AY 2019/2020

Thank you for your interest in the Human Resource Department (HR) of the NUS Investment Society (NUS Invest).

Before you proceed to fill up the application form, please be informed that the responsibilities of a Human Resource Executive include mainly, but are not limited to:

1. The management of internal functions and coordination of all departments within NUS Invest;
2. The fostering, establishment and enhancement of relationships between alumni and NUS Invest; and
3. Learning and exposing oneself to the fundamentals of finance and investment whilst picking up skills in the Human Resource field.

In HR, we value commitment, eagerness and willingness in applicants to hone their communication and organisational skills, as well as a keen interest in learning the fundamentals of finance and investment more so than their existing financial know-how. 

Therefore, we expect members to put in significant time and effort in producing deliverables and being present for all meetings. Also, please be informed that failure to meet attendance requirements could result in removal from the Department, and from the Society itself.

Please provide the requested information by completing this form to apply for the role of Human Resource Executive in the Human Resource Department in NUS Investment Society (NUS Invest) for AY19/20. The deadline for this application is 23rd August 2019.

Please also note that successful candidates will proceed to the next round of the selection process involving face-to-face interviews, which will take place from 26th August - 4th September. We will inform you by 5th September 2019 whether we will be moving forward with your application. 

We wish to inform applicants that there is no backward navigation button for this form. It is therefore advised that applicants type their responses to the questions in a Word Document before transferring them over to this form to avoid losing any information should any issue occur whilst filling up the form.

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